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Outlet malls are fun!

I went to Potomac Mills today and did a bit of shopping at Nordstrom Rack- I found a cute Michael Kors silk top in red. Originally $120, marked down to $40. I do love finding designer clothes that are affordable! I also found a Betsey Johnson bag I really liked, and may go back to get it! Nothing will ever top my $34 Calvin Klein dress, though...

I'm always amused (and occasionally alarmed!) by what I find at Nordstrom Rack. Today I saw a tiny little evening clutch by Jimmy Choo...originally $950, marked down to the bargain price of $150. A steal! Who the hell buys something like that other than celebrities? $950 for a purse that doesn't have room for a powder compact, let alone a wallet? The Rack often gets leftovers from big designers.

I went to Michaels, too. I found a few new charms to work with. Tomorrow, if I have time, I'm going to JoAnn's Fabric- they have great beads, too.

Anyway, my aunt is here. I went with Mom and Dad to pick her up at the airport. Her flight arrived on time, so we had time to go out for a nice lunch and do some light shopping...we're headed back to Potomac Mills tomorrow (including round two at Nordstrom's!). We're going to D.C. later this week to hit the museums, including the recently re-opened Smithsonian Museum of  American History.

Today was Ash Wednesday, and the choir did the music for the service. We did very well. Bad Baritone™ wasn't there tonight. I know it's awful, but we really are only good when he's not there. Our music for Sunday is easy, but he can ruin the easiest pieces...Well, now it is Lent...and I have given up chocolate. Yeah. No chocolate for 40 days. I'm doomed! My sister thinks I'm nuts!

On the health front, I'm taking longer to readjust to my medicine than I wanted. I'm not sleeping well, and now I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed as soon as I'm done posting!
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