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I hate insomnia! But it does give me time for fangirling...

Dammit, I can't sleep. Stupid brain doesn't know it's way past my bedtime! *screams*

I shouldn't have listened to that radio play q sent me. It got me all excited. (Bryan Dick's voice will do that to me...) Well, it was a nice play, anyway. Now maybe I should re-watch the first episode of All the Small Things and complete the evening. :p Get in the mood for some sweet dreams...Bryan/Jake's lovely long hair and just a bit of stubble...*insert drooling smilie here*

Oh, Lordy!  “If he serves Communion, I’ll be going back for seconds.” (borrowed the pic from q, but cropped it.) To quote one of the choir ladies- He is dishy.


About Small Things- I hate Layla! Not because she's a home-wrecker and a prima donna- but because she pulled our boy's beautiful hair! The bitch. *grrr* Can't wait to see what went on between Jake and Layla in the past. Also, I hope we're going to see Jake in his curate get-up! I have to admit that the show hits a little close to home for me- trouble in the choir, OH NOES!

Oh, damn. I woke up Eddie. Now he's demanding that I play with him.

I'd better try to sleep before I post any more incoherent squees.
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, television
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