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How I spent my Saturday night...

...or, Insomnia Sucks, but it gives me time for fangirling, part 2!

I watched a double feature of Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder, and laughed my ass off. While I was watching, I made screencaps and posted them at [info]bryan_dick_fans .  Not great quality, but good enough for me!

Just one sample, and it's my favorite because it displays Bryan's pretty hair...

Oh, what the hell. One more:

I'd love to be that bike :p

The rest of the evening was spent trying to get Eddie to take his medicine. He acts more like a spoiled child than a cat sometimes! He's been tricking me- he would start to eat the food I hid the pill in, and manages to pick the pill out with his paws. Who says cats aren't smart? Pest. He seems to be getting better, though.

And I even found time to work on my cross stitching project!

Tomorrow, it's clean the fridge, vacumn (Eddie will love that. *rolls eyes*), try to give Kira a bath. Oh, joy.

I'm missing out on Palm Sunday services for the first time in my life (almost). And I don't feel the least bit bad about it. I don't have to deal with the choir director.

Tags: cats, fangirl rants/squees
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