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God fucking dammit.

Excuse my language, but the story about the asshole in Washington who shot his kids to death just makes me hate people more and more every day. What the hell is going on with all these shootings lately- the nursing home, the immigrant center, the cops, and now this. And the asshole apparently killed the kids because his wife was leaving him.


Yes, the wife decides to leave the husband, so it's okay for him to MURDER her innocent children, and then like a coward kill himself. And what bugs me is that there are assholes who will try to justify his actions. "If she hadn't been a whore, this wouldn't have happened." I hope the bastard rots in hell. Sounds to me like he was controlling and abusive, and the wife was planning to get out.  And was too late. :(


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Apr. 5th, 2009 10:52 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes and yes.

Those poor children, and that poor woman. There is no hell deep enough for that demon. :^(
Apr. 6th, 2009 06:16 am (UTC)
It's inexcusable. We had a case here last year. Man was £1million in debt, and decided to shoot his wife and daughter so they wouldn't feel the shame.

I can vaguely understand why people go out and mass-murder strangers, but to rationalise killing your family in this way is completely outside my imagination.
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