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Writer's Block and other stuff.

What is the most annoying sound in the entire world?
Cell phones going off. In church. In the middle of the sermon, communion, or the choir's anthem. Grrrrr. HATE. Even worse- the people who ACTUALLY ANSWER THEIR PHONES and start a conversation. Yeah, in church. I've heard it happen before. Oh, it even happened once in the choir loft! The phone's owner had the decency to be embarrassed and turned the phone off immediately.

24 last night- TONY IS DEAD (again) TO ME! Arrrrrgh! Poor Jack. I can't wait to see their final confrontation!

Have many new beads to play with, will create something tonight! Also, I started a new cross stitch.

Can't wait to see episode 4 of All the Small Things! *prepares to drool*

Tags: 24, beading, cross stitch, writer's block

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