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Writer's Block: Beautiful Vistas

What is the most beautiful view you've ever seen? Have you been there, or do you plan to visit? If you have one, share a picture.
The most beautiful view I've ever seen was in Rocky Mountain National Park, on a drive on Trail Ridge Road. It was early June, and there was still snow on the mountains, and wildflowers of every type and color covering everything. It was truly heaven on Earth. I didn't have a camera with me that day...but a photo would not have been able to do it justice. The park is huge and wonderful, but it was just this one spot that took my breath away that day. I really miss Colorado sometimes.

I do have pictures of other Rocky trips (and Mesa Verde, the Sand Dunes, Garden of the Gods, Four Corners- God, I loved Colorado!), but they're not on the computer. I'll have to upload them someday.
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