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*sniff* *sob* I WANT MORE!!

My review of the last All the Small Things here:


I thought it was good, though the ending left a lot of loose ends. There needs to be a second series!

I made some screen caps (under the cut):

Aw, Jake and Layla, actually speaking to each other:

Poor sad Jakey:

That scene was heartbreaking- when he described how he felt when he thought he was dying, and that he was responsible for the death of his friend, and how it led him to becoming a curate.

Jake and Esther- SNOG!

I so wanted them to get together...but at least Esther hints that it's a possibility...

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Girly-man style. "Owwwwww?"

I wish the DVD had extras. I'd love to see outtakes- especially of Bryan Dick trying to snowboard. He'd never done it before, and he fell on his butt a lot while learning.

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