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Torchwood: Children of Earth

I watched it yesterday in one long sitting, minus a one hour break for Law and Order: Criminal Intent (which I shouldn't have bothered with last night, ugh). Wow. That was amazing television.

A few of my thoughts behind the cut for the few TW fans who haven't seen it yet:

It was a great story until the end. The 456 wanted the kids because they were recreational drugs? That's just sort of lame. I thought they would be like cannon fodder or something!

The kids stopping dead and chanting in unison was genuinely creepy. Well done.

THE HUB GOT BLOWN UP!!! Guess that was the end of Myfawny the pterodactyl. :( The bombing led to the most gruesome of all of Jack's deaths and resurrections. Ugh.

So Jack has a daughter and a grandson, Gwen is pregnant, and Ianto has a sister and niece and nephew. Kids were very important in this!

How cool was Ianto in this? I loved how he rescued Jack from his concrete tomb/cell! I am an unabashed Jack/Ianto fan, so of course I cried when Ianto died. He died for no reason! :( I'll miss him. I wish Jack had actually responded when Ianto said "I love you".

Jack sacrifices his own grandson to save the world. Oh, man. If he wasn't fucked up already, now he's beyond help. So off he goes into the universe by himself.

Now that we know there will be a fourth series...where do they go from here? No Hub, no Ianto, Jack gone again...all that's left is Gwen!

I liked Lois. She'd be a good addition to whatever form Torchwood takes in the future!

Funny exchange:

Jack: Ianto! We're having a baby.
Ianto: Congratulations. Is now a good time to tell you I lost the car?
Jack: You did what?!

Oops. *lol*

I'll probably do a more in-depth review with screencaps at my T.V. blog later.

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