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Kira and Eddie caught a baby bunny tonight. It was still alive when I saw it, but they were about to finish the kill. Yuck. I hope they enjoyed it. *rolls eyes* They're getting on in years, but they're still excellent hunters. I guess they wanted some fresh meat.

What a mess. Ugh.

ETA- they ate every little bit of that bunny. *sighs* At least there's no mess to clean up.



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Aug. 30th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
Eww. That's kind of gross. I know it's quite normal, but its still kind of gross. My formerly feral cat Crozie ate a huge buzzing cicada the other day - in like two gulps! I'm convinced she swallowed it alive! - and then immediately wanted to nuzzle me. There was no bloody carnage, but I did find a bug leg on my clothes which was still a bit much.

My indoor cats are indoor-only, but they caught a couple of mice in my old apartment. It was just horrifying and shocking to see a dead creature in my kitty's mouth! I wasn't used to that at all. And then they got worms. Argh.
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