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Kid from Fort Collins, Colorado, floats away in big helium balloon. I hope they can get him down...and I also hope the balloon doesn't inerfere with air traffic! 


CNN on T.V.: Geography fail. They said Fort Collins is south of Denver. It's NORTH. :p

I loved living in Fort Collins when I was at Colorado State. I hate seeing it on the news for bad stuff.

Someone was actually laughing on the news. This is hardly funny- the kid could be killed.

ETA- Oh, no. They're saying now that the kid probably fell out. :(

ETA2- the balloon has landed. No kid. :(

ETA3- He may not have been on the balloon to begin with! Probably let it loose, got scared, ran off and hid. I hope that's the case.

Final edit- kid is okay! Yup, he got scared because the balloon got loose and hid in a box in the attic. Hard to be mad at a six-year-old. That's how they think. *sighs* What a weird afternoon.
Tags: colorado, news

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