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Do I even need to mention how the Colorado State/Texas Christian game went today? A total embarassment. TCU 44, CSU 6. I know TCU is good this year, but geez!!! What the hell happened to the Rams? They've become lambs to the slaughter. Ugh. They're now 3-4. No hope of salvaging the season- not if they still have to face Wyoming and Air Force. :(

Saw Where the Wild Things Are today. It was wonderful, but quite a bit different from the book. It's sad, actually. Really not for little kids.

Did some shopping today, too. Jo-Ann Fabric had a great bead sale, and Mom bought a bunch of beads for me- because she wanted me to make a necklace for her right away! She's really into animal print clothes and accessories, and there were several beads with animal prints. I've already made one necklace, and had enough beads leftover to make a similar one for myself!  Also went to Ross, because I needed a new coat and some bras, and found exactly what I wanted. Yay, Ross! And before shopping, we had a great lunch at Uno's.

One more week before my New York trip! :)
Tags: beading, colorado, football, movies, shopping!
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