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Um, lj?

I just made a big screencap filled post for bryan_dick_fans...and lj only posted the first two words. What the hell happened to my post?

I'll have to try again later...

ETA: Second attempt was a success, and I was able to share cute pics like this one:


*resists urge to pet screen*

Ah, fangirl moments. They've been few and far between lately...

I'm just about packed for New York. Kira and Eddie are bathed (well, I only needed to bathe Kira), brushed, and ready to be boarded. Kira's been acting funny this week, but she was fine today. Eddie, OTOH, was crying like a baby today. He must know I'm going away for a week!

One more day until my trip! Yay! My plans so far- Wicked is on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday we're going to the Musuem of Modern Art, and then lunch in Chinatown. Not sure what the plans for Tuesday and Friday are, but we'll visit friends and do some shopping. I hope to stop by FAO Schwarz and American Girl Place. :)

I'm excited about this trip, can you tell? :) :)
Tags: cats, fangirl rants/squees, new york, oh noes!, wtf?

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