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Flu, stay away.

Mom and I went to a health clinic for our regular flu shots this morning at the crack of dawn. It was a weird experience- the clinic was at the regional airport. We drove in with our medical forms, and then to one of several stations with nurses standing by with the shots. We drove up, rolled down the windows, and got stuck. *lol* I've never had a shot that way before. Good thing these were arm shots! *imagines hundreds of people mooning the clinic workers, shudders*

My arm is very sore, and I'm aching a bit. I always have a bit of a reaction to flu shots. I hope it goes away fast- I don't want to be sore during my trip!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a swine flu shot, but at least I'm somewhat protected against the usual flu. I don't want to get sick again like I did last summer.

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