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The new V...

I'm not sure I like it much. For one thing- I can't stand Scott Wolf. He's not a very good actor, and he's annoying as hell. Maybe that's just all the characters he's ever played... I loved Elizabeth Mitchell on Lost, but so far, I'm not impressed with her character here.

Too much is crammed into the pilot episode, too many characters introduced, and the writing is weak. I can't remember half of the names.

Also, I miss the uniforms of the original. You could at least tell who was human and who was a Visitor!

I'll re-watch on hulu (I was distracted by election coverage) later. But I don't have very high hopes.

Meanwhile, I've watched some of the old mini on SyFy. It was so much fun! The effects don't quite hold up, but the story sure does.
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