Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

The fangirl reawakens...

Fangirl squee and some whining about my eyes behind the cut.

Yay, Bryan Dick is going to be on T.V. this week (in the U.K., at least...we'll never get to see him on American T.V.)! He's guest starring on Being Human, and I think he plays a ghost. At least, in the photos he's hanging out with Annie, the ghost on the show.

I love this picture- he looks like a mini Jack Harkness!


Other T.V.- I skipped out on 24 last week and last night...I'll never catch up now. :p I've been too interested in reading all the books I've checked out. I'm really liking the Dalziel and Pascoe novels!

Now the not so fun stuff...had an eye exam this morning, and got my new glasses prescription. Had to have my eyes dilated, and I'm still having trouble seeing. :( And if I want contacts, I have to go back and be fitted for them, because it's been so long since I've used them. And now my doctor says glasses are better for me anyway! I don't look good in glasses. I just don't. :( The only good thing today was that my sight hasn't gotten worse, and there are no signs of glaucoma. Unfortunately, I'm at risk for retinal detachment...just like Mom. *grrr*

Tags: books, fangirl rants/squees, health woes, television

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