Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Well, the Oscar nominations are out!


I've only seen one- Up, also nominated for Animated Film. I sure hope AMC Theaters is going to do the Best Picture marathon again this year- though it will have to be split into two weekends.

I'm going to pick up Inglorious Basterds, A Serious Man, and The Hurt Locker on DVD this week, so I'll get to see them at least. Mom and Dad loved The Blind Side, and they're sure Sandra Bullock will win Best Actress. But Best Picture, really? My aunt thought Precious was overwhelming but still one of the best movies she's ever seen.

Of the other nominees, I'm most looking forward to seeing Up in the Air, A Serious Man (the Cohen brothers haven't let me down yet!), and An Education. I love that Carey Mulligan got a Best Actress nomination for that one- she won't win, but she'll get other chances.

I wish A Single Man and Crazy Heart would play somewhere near me. I'd love to see the movies that got Colin Firth his first ever Oscar nomination and the one Jeff Bridges will likely finally win an Oscar for.

I think Stanley Tucci should have been nominated for Julie and Julia instead of The Lovely Bones. Would have been nice to see Matt Damon get a Best Actor nomination for The Informant! but a Supporting nod for Invictus isn't a bad deal, either.

Nice that Star Trek scooped up 4 nominations!

But the awards are probably all going to be about Avatar...

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