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One lousy inch of snow, and the city of Fredericksburg completely shuts down! The schools were closed today, and now all church activities have been cancelled. No choir! *happy dance, squee* I shouldn't be too glad about that...but the music we're doing right now is so easy we only need a few minutes before church to practice.

And there may not be church this Sunday, either. We're going to be hit with another big snowstorm. Yuck.

Being snowed in over the weekend wasn't too bad. I made major progress on one of my cross stitching projects (update here: kirastitch.blogspot.com/2010/02/more-treats.html), and finished one book and started another. :) But I really don't want another weekend stuck indoors!

I managed to get out to shop a little today, despite the weather. I went to Michaels. Why is it that every time I find a line of beads and charms that I really, really love, the makers suddenly discontinue them? The stuff I liked was all on clearance, so I grabbed a bunch. Yay sales, boo discontinuation. :( I'm going to be making jewelry this weekend for sure...
Tags: beading, books, choir, cross stitch, weather
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