Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Movie game time!

It's almost Oscar time, so I'm dusting off this old movie line quiz meme. You know the rules- guess the movie, no cheating, etc.

1. "Dead? No excuse for laying off work."

2. "I (kick) have had (kick) enough of (kick) YOU!" - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, guessed byghost07 .

3. "Nobody steps on a church in my town!" - Ghostbusters, guessed byterri_osborne .

4. "I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored." - Wayne's World, guessed by crusherdisciple .

5. "Whoever wrote this episode should DIE." - Galaxy Quest, guessed by  terri_osborne .

6. "The dread pirate Steve be in no man's debt. I'll make a barter with ya; true as the north star. In exchange for your kindness, I'll be sharing me buried treasure with ya... once I find it, that be." - Dodgeball, guessed by alpinemaps .

7. "A movie! That's your problem! You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie." - Sleepless in Seattle, guessed by wrongwayjaneway .

8. "He doesn't need you. He's got his memories. He doesn't love you. He wants to be alone again with her. You've nothing to stay for. You've nothing to live for really, have you? Look down there. It's easy, isn't it? Why don't you? Why don't you? Go on. Go on. Don't be afraid!" (My favorite classic film!) - Rebecca, guessed by orac_zen .

9. "Move over, Cabbage". - The Queen, guessed by jag_trek .

10. "She breathed on me! A dead person breathed on me!"

Have fun!

Tomorrow is part one of AMC Theater's Oscar Marathon: Avatar, Up, Precious, A Serious Man, and District 9. I can't wait!
Tags: meme, movies
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