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The choir rant.

It's been a while. Choir Librarian was a total bitch tonight. Even worse, the "Praise Team" has decided to have practice on the same night, so they completely drown us out with their noise. And our choir director is too chickenshit to stand up to them, so everyone in the choir is going to email the pastor to complain. Not that it will do any good- he thinks the PT leader shits rainbows. Never mind that the guy has no education, little experience with a choir, and can barely sing or play guitar. And he still makes more money than my sister, who runs five choirs, has a Master's degree in church music, and 20 years of experience.

See where this is going? It's like the dueling choirs in All the Small Things- only the traditional choir is the one being bullied here. Wednesday night has been our  practice night forever. These jerks just think they can take over everything we do! We can't just practice in the choir loft. We have a choir room for a reason, and we shouldn't be forced out of it. Even in their own room, the noise disrupts our rehearsals. And they just don't care.

To top off my lousy night, Sam didn't get into VCU. He is so crushed. He'll be going to Emory and Henry after all. It's a great school, but he's still not sure they'll have what he wants. If he gets good grades, maybe he can transfer later.
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