Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I have an angry kitty!

Eddie has always had a problem retracting his claws. He scratches everything and everyone he touches! They have gotten too long to deal with. So I had his nails clipped at the vet today. It didn't hurt him, and now his claws are harmless to people and furniture. :) I've never understood why people feel they need to declaw cats- it's painful and cruel. Trimming the claws and making them a bit blunt works just as well with no pain involved. It just annoys the cat. Eddie is PISSED. He loved his long sharp claws...but as an indoor cat, he doesn't need them that sharp and long!

Meanwhile, I have finally recovered from my headache. I hope now that the pollen is going away, so will my allergies and headaches...

Felt like throwing up a lot today, though. No idea where that came from.
Tags: cats, health woes
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