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Lost: The Candidate


Spoilers beneath the cut...

Damn it. I haven't cried at a Lost episode since Charlie died. :( Sayid, Frank, Sun AND Jin? God damn it!

Kate got shot! YES! But she survives. DAMN! (I really don't like Kate!)

"There is no Sayid". Jesus, Jack, nice way of putting it. At least no one got a chance to say "You've got some Sayid on you".

Watching Hurley cry...that really got me started. Then Kate and Jack joined in.

Nice going, Sawyer...okay, he didn't know what would happen...but still!

So now we know what MIB/Locke wants...all the Lostie "candidates" have to be dead before he can leave.

Sayid: BIG DAMN HERO. I guess there was still good in him after all.

Sideways!Locke caused the accident that paralyzed him and left his dad a vegetable...and feels so guilty about it he won't let Jack fix him.

Sun and Jin in the end replaced Des and Penny as my favorite Lost couple. Damn it. :( :( :( :(

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