Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Little Miss Fangirl is back.

It's been a bit of a dry spell, but I finally had something to squee over today- Bryan Dick did a radio play, and for some reason, I was able to listen to it (BBC iplayers don't usually work in the States). It was called "Can't Live Without You" and he was really kind of creepy. Plot- an artist's wife gets sick, and he is so thrilled to be her caretaker  (i.e., totally in control of the relationship) that he doesn't want anything to change. *shudders*


I don't watch Ashes to Ashes (never got into Life on Mars, either), but he was in an episode last month. And he was a baaaaaad guy. And he was dressed in horrible 80's clothes.

Ewwwww. The 80's were a bitch fashion wise. The cross is a nice touch. *lol*

I still wish there had been another series of All the Small Thngs. :( Yeah, I know, it's not happening, get over it. :p

Tags: fangirl rants/squees
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