Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

"Across the Sea"

Spoilers ahoy!

Sooooo, Jacob and MIB are twins, raised by a nut who killed their real mom after they were born. She tells them they're special and one of them will have to protect the light which is "the heart of the island". Good and evil...it's not so black and white after this episode!

Kid!MIB goes to live with the people his "mother" says are bad- they're learning about the island's odd properties, which makes MIB want to leave.

Nut!Mom "kills" MIB, she chooses Jacob as the protector of the island, she wipes out the Others, to MIB's horror. MIB (who is never given a name!) kills her, Jacob punishes him by throwing him into the light cave, which kills MIB but turns him into SMOKEY!!!

Jacob puts the bodies of his brother and fake mom in a cave...where centuries later, they are discovered by Jack, Kate, and Locke. "Our very own Adam and Eve".

WHOA that answered a lot of questions. Adam and Eve's identities are revealed, and we see how he and Jacob get to the island and how they become who they are. I actually felt bad for MIB part of the time. Odd that the mom is so intent on protecting "the light" that she slaughters a whole bunch of people. It's not just about good and evil, is it?

The music for this episode had a real Lord of the Rings sound to it.

Only one more episode, then the finale. As much as this show has driven me crazy over the past six years, I'm going to miss it!

Tags: lost
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