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Busy day...

I helped Katie clean out her office at church today- took three hours to sort and file away all the children/youth music. She was grateful for the help, because she hates filing! Next week, I get to do all the bell music... She took me to lunch after, then we went shopping! I got a cute top at Kohl's, and then we spent about an hour at Charming Charlie. I didn't buy anything (she sure did!), but we both got ideas about what to get each other for our birthdays. :p I did buy stuff at Sephora- a little rollerball bottle of Viva la Juicy perfume, and an eyeliner pencil. I love the new shopping center at the mall! I swear that CC is becoming my new favorite place to drop 50 bucks. Not that I've done that...yet. :p
Tags: shopping!
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