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Longest week of my life!

No internet at Katie's this week. I nearly went nuts! 
The pets were very good, though Giada whined a lot at night. Henry is getting old. :(

Giada was her usual cute self. She's getting big!

She loves to play. We had fun.

She's getting better at following commands,  but she still likes to jump on poor old Henry. She also likes to try to bite or lick everything on the ground. A large toad has taken up residence on Katie's porch, and Giada tried to lick it every time it was there. She's hyper enough as it is, I didn't need her hallucinating, too! :p Not sure what kind of toad it was, but it's not good for puppies, I'm sure.

There were lots of deer on the property this week. Henry didn't bark at them at all, which is more proof that he's slowing down. When he was younger, he was like "Deer! Wharrrghl! Bark bark bark!". Now he just looks up as if to say, "Deer? Meh." :(

I caught a couple of them on camera:


The cat mostly ignored me. He hid most of the time. I think he's afraid of Giada. She's a little rough on him.

So I had no internet, but I had my laptop with me, anyway, because I have a bunch of shows on it. I actually watched All the Small Things again from start to finish. :) I also managed to read two Torchwood books, and do 22 hours of work on a cross stitch piece. But I still almost went nuts without internet access!

Busy week coming up...going to a movie tomorrow, then my birthday is Monday, and on Wednesday I'm leaving for New England.

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