Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Thank you, Delaware.

The tea party candidate, Christine O'Donnell, won the Republican primary. This woman is so batshit that she makes Michelle Bachmann look sane! The national Republicans have already said they won't help her in any way because "she couldn't get elected dogcatcher". In other words, they just handed this Senate seat to the Democrats in a pretty gift box with a huge bow. :p Bwaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

On the other hand, I'm sorry Mike Castle lost. He was a nice, moderate Republican who served the House well for many years, and would have done well as a Senator (even if he doesn't agree with the President most of the time). It is sad that his party is being hijacked by loony-toons like O'Donnell. :(

The Republicans could still narrowly take back the House, but the Senate race is looking better and better for the Democrats...:)
Tags: politics

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