Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Feeling better...

My doc said I'd probably had a reaction to the generic form of Effexor I was taking. So it's back to the brand name for me, not that there was much of a price break for the generic...

Choir was interesting yesterday. Director had a meltdown when our lead tenor was late. He yelled at us and banged the piano keys hard. He's yelled at us before, but this was just weird. One of the altos left, and I doubt she'll be back. Part of the problem is he's stressed because no one has been hired to replace my sister- and he's stuck with a lot of extra work. Not my sister's fault- she gave four months notice. He doesn't have to take it out on us! :( I'm dreading the rest of the season.

The bell choir is being run by one of my sister's former students. He's doing a good job, but so far, the music isn't challenging. The Christmas music will be nice, though.
Tags: choir, health woes
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