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I got to see Excluded from BBC2. Nice little drama, and as usual, Bryan Dick was awesome. Here he played a new teacher who tries to help a troubled student. Too bad it was a one-off, because I would love to have seen more of his character, Ian. 60 minutes isn't enough to tell a story like this, and the little snippets about his background made me want more. I liked seeing him work with kids, and if there were more episodes, we'd get to see Ian dealing with his own new baby!

Yeah, Bryan was cute, of course. He looked so...I don't know, grown-up. He still has the boyish charm, but was so much more mature. I loved the little scenes of Ian and his wife in the childbirth class. So sweet! And he seemed so natural in the role of teacher, much more than he did as a curate in All the Small Things!
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, television
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