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I had a nice trip today. *rolls eyes* I missed the last step and fell down. My old ankle injury has a twinge, and my knee is red and a bit swollen. Nothing broken, at least. But my entire leg aches, and I'm going to have a hell of a bruise on my knee. :( And the shock from falling gave me a mini-migraine. Not kidding about shock- I felt the impact all over! My bones must be made of titanium or something.

Choir practice has been so good. Who is this guy, and what has he done with our usual director? We're actually working on stuff without any b.s., and we're getting ahead! He also actually thanked me in front of the choir for stamping and filing the music, as well as making the practice CDs. Wow.

Speaking of trips, I'm going on one next week. Just a quick visit to Upstate New York. Going to Cooperstown (haven't been since I was really little), might pick some apples, and just admire the changing leaves. Yay. I'd rather go back to the city, but New York is New York. :)
Tags: choir, health woes, new york
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