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Nothing ever happens in Broomfield. :p

This happened in my former hometown yesterday. The headline read: "Helicopter Crashes in Broomfield High School Field". Which caught my attention, because that was my school! Then I read the article and found out it was actually Legacy High School, which opened long after I left Colorado. No one on the chopper was hurt, no one was on the field, either. Headline fail. :p


Had a ball doing some early Christmas shopping at Ulta. In addition to tons of little and not so little goodies for Mom and Katie, I got some holiday themed nail polish- "Wicked Wonderland". The red is "Bad Santa". LOL!

I also picked up this calendar- I just had to have it.

And it's a 16-month calendar, so I can start using it now!

Weather happenings- we finally had our first frost yesterday. I guess this is Indian Summer now. :p It was sunny and warm today. I loved it! It's raining now. The real fall weather is coming. :( Do not want.

I'm reading through the Sherlock Holmes novels and stories. I borrowed three VERY large volumes from the library. So far I've read two of the novels. It's fun to compare the new series to the books! More than ever, I think the new series is dead-on with the characters, even in a new century!


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Nov. 16th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
YAY!!! My brother got me the tapes of the Holmes radio show from the 70's for my birthday. I really can't wait to listen to them!

Yay Holmes!!!
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