Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I can has Christmas cookies nao?

I'm almost completely well. I was able to bake cookies today! Not my normal mass quantities, but I'm not needed to bake as many as I have in the past. I just have to make sure that the library "lunch bunch" gets some, and a large batch for Katie, too.

Those nasty meds cleared me up faster than I hoped! Sadly, I still have three days worth to take, and I have to take them. Because you never know what bugs might still be lurking...

Next week, Sam will have his back surgery, so good thoughts would be much appreciated! Katie and Paul are staying in Baltimore for at least three days for the surgery and recovery, so I'm going to be house and pet sitting. I hope Giada behaves. She's so huge now, and she's still not fully grown. Franklin the cat is sick again. Oh, joy. Sick cat and hyper puppy plus worrying about Sam will make me a nervous wreck!

Back to choir practice tomorrow- just in time. The carol service is next Sunday!!!! Time for the annual freak-out. I hope two more rehersals will be enough for me to catch up- I missed two, plus two Sundays. :(
Tags: cats, choir, christmas, family stuff, health woes, puppy!

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