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Ah, yes, just what I needed- more toys!

Found a great jewelry supply store online called B'Sue Boutique. I just had to order a bunch of (fairly cheap) vintage style charms, including Paris-themed, teapots, crowns, and Steampunk. $20 for around 50 charms, go me! :p

I'm having fun getting my crafting table set up. Michaels had another sale on their storage pieces, so I bought two small desk sets for my little craft supplies. I'm actually going to do some scrapbook and jewelry stuff this week!

Also, American Girl is celebrating its 25th anniversary (!!!!) with mini dolls in their holiday clothes, one released per month. Number one is Samantha, so I went ahead and ordered her. My Christmas tree is going to be covered in mini AG dolls next year!
Tags: beading, crafty!, shopping!, toys!

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