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Not really important...

...but I'm feeling nostalgic. Twenty years ago today, Eastern Airlines officially ceased operations. :( My family's favorite airline. By 1991 we no longer lived near an Eastern hub and thus didn't get to fly with them- but we were still crushed when the news broke. I seriously wanted to be a flight attendant for Eastern when I was little. They were a damn good airline that in the end was plagued by bad business decisions (thanks a lot, Frank Borman and Frank Lorenzo! *eye roll*), labor problems, and deregulation (which also helped kill Pan Am/National and Braniff).

I wish I hadn't lost my little wings pin.

Just a few ads (some from before I was born):

www.youtube.com/watch Orson Welles narrated this one. The Wings of Man!


We Earn Our Wings Every Day! www.youtube.com/watch

A nice little tribute, with the "Number One to the Sun" jingle sung by Astrud Gilberto. www.youtube.com/watch

More "Number One to the Sun" with Astrud: www.youtube.com/watch  www.youtube.com/watch

They were before my time (the latest was 1970), but that was one of their better ad campaigns. Having "the girl from Ipanema" sing it was a bonus. In the later 70's, there was "When you need the sun, there's only one- Eastern", but I haven't been able to find that ad anywhere. It might have been only for the NYC area.