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Oscar Nominations!


Looks good this year, a few surprises in the Acting categories: no Supporting nods for Andrew Garfield of The Social Network, or for Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey, or Winona Ryder for Black Swan (they probably cancelled each other out and Ryder was a long shot anyway); Best Actress nods for Nicole Kidman for Rabbit Hole and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine. And a Supporting Actor nod for Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right. Not a fan of his, and I thought he was the weakest part of the film. How he got nominated and Julianne Moore did not is amazing to me.

I'm kind of hoping Annette Bening pulls off an upset over Natalie Portman. She's been robbed too many times- lost to Hilary Swank (always overrated, IMO) twice. I thought The Kids Are All Right was one of her best performances. Not as awesome as American Beauty or Being Julia, but more subtle, mature, and graceful.

The King's Speech and Colin Firth FTW! That and Kids... were my favorite movies of the year.

Haven't seen The Fighter yet, but I want Melissa Leo to win Supporting Actress. She's amazing in everything she does. Unfortunately, that would mean no Oscar for her co-star Amy Adams, or for King's Helena Bonham Carter (her best yet, IMO!).  Christian Bale will probably win Supporting Actor for The Fighter as well.

Of the ten Best Picture nominees, I've only seen The King's Speech, The Kids... , and Toy Story 3, but I have The Social Network on DVD and will see either True Grit or Black Swan this weekend! I'll borrow Inception from my sister. Winter's Bone and 127 Hours never played in my town. :(

Even though I will have seen five or six of the films before the event, I still plan to go to the AMC Oscar Marathon with Mom and Katie. Hooray for Hollywood! 

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