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We celebrated Sam's 19th birthday (which is actually Wednesday) by going to a Japanese steak house. The food was excellent, but a little bit too much! This is what I ordered- Tappenaki steak and chicken, with fried rice and veggies. This is what I got: Half a cow, a whole chicken, a vegetable garden, and a rice paddy. :p Waaaaay too much to eat in one sitting. Plus the miso soup, salad, and shrimp to start. Not bad for 20 bucks! Almost got my hair singed by the cook at the table- he put a little too much oil and vodka on the grill. Poof! And then there was cake and ice cream later that night...I had to take about half my dinner home. I finished it for dinner tonight!

It was a fun night. Sam is doing much better, but he's still pretty thin. He needs to eat more!

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