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Movie madness, part 2.

Part two of AMC's Best Picture Showcase: Liked all, still convinced King's Speech is the best of the lot.

Winter's Bone- God, that was depressing. Great story about a very tough teen determined to find her bond-jumping dad to save her family's home. Grim, but damn that kid is something. Jennifer Lawrence deserved her Best Actress nod for sure. I hope to see more of her in the future.

Black Swan- holy crap that was frightening and oddly beautiful. It was so hard to watch at times- it's hard to tell what is real or a a product of Nina's growing madness. Natalie Portman is amazing.

Inception- had a hard time keeping track of the storyline, but it was just a cool movie. Good cast- I could even stand Tom Hardy for a change. Leonardo DiCaprio is always good.

Social Network- good insight into the founding of Facebook. I don't get why Andrew Garfield didn't get a Supporting Actor nomination- he really made the film work, and was the only person I felt I could cheer on.

King's Speech- my favorite of the year, and I hope it wins Best Picture. And if Colin Firth doesn't win Best Actor I will puke. :p This was a role of a lifetime.

Actually, I may puke anyway. I got really sick after I got home last night, got no sleep because I had to go throw up every other hour. And now I have a fever of 101F. Not fun. :( I finally got rid of the ear infection, and a little stomach bug gets me. Grrrrrrr.