Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

So the possibility of gov shutdown...

...all hinges on the de-funding of Planned Parenthood. Oh, for fuck's sake. Listen carefully, Republicans- Planned Parenthood federal funds do. not. pay. for. abortions. They cannot by law. All defunding PP will do is reduce the ability for uninsured women (and men) to get birth control, cancer screenings, prenatal care, and general care. Lack of family planning= more unwanted pregnancies= more abortions. And when you make donations to PP, you have an option that says your money won't go to provide abortions. No, taking away funding won't kill PP, but it is going to make things so much harder.

Guys, PP is good for you, too. Prostate and testicular cancers are on the rise in young men. PP does screenings for those, too, and early detection can save your lives. If you value your balls, you'd better pay attention to them! :p
Tags: news, politics

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