Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Off to dog-sit...

Katie and Paul are going down to North Carolina this week to visit the babies! I hope they bring back lots of pics. Ella is so big now, and Ethan is gaining weight fast. It's hard to believe he was a two-month preemie.

Palm Sunday the choir did Mendelssohn's Christus cantata. We did it very well. Way better than I expected- it was hard music to learn. It's a beautiful work. And our Easter music is easy compared to it- so I'm not worried about that. :p

Here's a youtube performance (the chorus is in German, though):
www.youtube.com/watch part 1
www.youtube.com/watch part 2 Translation: Daughters of Zion, weep for yourselves and your children.

Katie had her radiation treatment over the weekend- all she did was swallow a pill. No idea how the pill knew what to target (thyroid), but whatever! She had to stay away from everyone for four days. Poor Giada was so confused. I'll have to give her extra attention while I'm at the house.

Four more days until Doctor Who returns! Ahhhhhh! I can't wait. And I've already been somewhat spoiled. :( I'm working on two Who projects, a Tardis cross stitch and a keychain. Also Who-related- yesterday was the 40th birthday of one David John McDonald, better known to us as David Tennant. Can't believe he's actually my age. He seems like such a kid! Well, maybe now that he's a dad, that'll change. :p I hope I get a chance to see his new TV movie, United, which airs on Easter Sunday. It's about rebuilding the Manchester United after the Munich air disaster that killed several players.
Tags: choir, doctor who, family stuff, pet sitting

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