Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Day of the Moon...

Wow, that was interesting, but still left a metric fuckton of questions that need to be answered. And holy shit, what an ending! I'll get my thoughts in order tomorrow after I've re-watched (waiting for my iTunes download). Random thoughts behind cut for spoilers!

River/Doctor kiss FTW. Rory remembers being Rory the Roman! Amy is not pregnant! No, wait, she is! No she's not! :p Nixon still looks more like LBJ than Nixon. And yes, Canton is gay. Gay agenda returns!

WHO IS THAT LITTLE GIRL AND HOW CAN SHE REGENERATE? She can't be Jenny-  IIRC she didn't regenerate at the end of The Doctor's Daughter, and I seriously doubt Georgia Moffat is going to pop up again any time soon. Too busy with her new baby and planning her wedding to David Tennant (baby Olivia is gorgeous and looks like David, btw!). :p This still makes my head spin- the Doctor's Daughter (fifth Doctor)+ Ten= baby Time Lady! Anyway, girl in the spacesuit- Could she be River? Is she Amy and Rory's daughter? Or, god forbid, Amy and the Doctor's daughter (yuck, yuck, NO.). River and the Doctor's daughter?

Spent all day helping Mom in her garden- had to clean out her Earth Boxes with bleach, then fill them with potting soil. 15 boxes today. I'm exhausted and my nails are a mess. This is the hardest part of gardening for the year, though. Now it's just planting, watering, weeding...

Off to bed early, have to ring bells at the first service tomorrow.
Tags: doctor who, garden
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