Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Ah, the first Saturday of May...

Kentucky Derby! There were no real stars this year, but the race was a good one. The winner, Animal Kingdom, came from waaaayyy behind. Almost out of nowhere, like Mine That Bird last year. But poor Archarcharch- injured early on. Non life-threatening, but likely career-ending. :( Ouchouchouch. I was rooting for Pants on Fire, because he had a female jockey.

Some other stuff behind the cut...

I made my first ever Derby style pie (can't legally call it a Derby Pie!):


Some more garden photos- more irises, and a peony.



The fifth mini holiday American Girl doll- Molly:


Next month is Josephina- can't wait. Her Christmas outfit is my favorite.

Part 2 of today's post- Doctor Who, "Curse of the Black Spot". Just a few reactions I had...plus a possible WTF spoiler I saw through doctor_who  .Behind the cut. Really, this spoiler is a whopper. Don't click. Don't even click. Click and you're dead spoiled.

Yo-ho-ho! I guess you don't really say that...I wear a pirate hat now. Pirate hats are cool. Can't believe he didn't say that...:p

Enough with the almost-killing-or-erasing-Rory-from-existence. It's getting annoying, all right? I loves me some Rory, and don't like seeing him abused.

Hugh Bonneville the Pirate FTW!! Swashbuckling Amy, also FTW! Tardis "running away"! Scary siren who is really a doctor, an Emergency Medical Hologram, if you will. Universes colliding again! Oh hell, does that mean Rose will be back? *eye roll* Doctor is wrong, don't listen to him! ("We stopped listening to you a long time ago.") Eyepatch lady returns. Amy is still pregnant/not pregnant. "Go to bed, Pond."

Bring on "The Doctor's Wife"!

The WTF spoiler...seriously WTF and how the hell are they going to pull it off...in the imdb credit listing for the little girl (the actress is Sydney Wade), her character's name is revealed for "A Good Man Goes to War". Here it is...LUCY FUCKING SAXON. Seriously? [Ten]What?....What?...What?[/Ten]. That came from nowhere and shoots all my speculations to hell. I have no idea what this means...Lucy was kind of blown to Kingdom Come in End of Time, Part One...she could have absorbed the Master's regenative powers, but where does Amy fit in? She's the mother of the reborn Lucy...and Lucy is really the Master all over again? The mind, it boggles...I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!

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