Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Second viewing, Curse of the Black Spot...

Not a review, really, just reactions as told by caps. My own crappy caps this time. :p

This was fun but a bit dumb, with plotholes big enough to pilot a Tardis through.

The Doctor thinks this episodes stinks...


Amy's attempt at swordfighting is funny enough to almost save the episode. You go, girl.


"Oh, God, make it stop! I can't watch any more of this crap!"


"I wear a tricorn hat now. Tricorns are cool."


"Toby!" "RORY!" "THE TARDIS!! *hugs*" Another little bit that made the episode worth watching, just to see the Doctor hug his Tardis!

"My Tardis. MINE!!!"


"Please, please, stop killing me. And also, let me go shirtless more often. The fangirls like it!"


The episode was just filler, so I'll give it a pass. Amy's CPR was rubbish, the Doctor was kind of useless (surely by now he knows basic human first aid!) and kept making mistakes, and really, letting 18th century pirates take over a spaceship? Is that wise? :p And the siren wasn't scary. But it was still kind of fun! 

And, oh, yeah. Alien bogeys (boogers to us in the States). Can I just say EEEEWWWWWWWW? And did he really just wipe his hand on Amy's jacket? This Doctor has no manners whatsoever! Rude and not ginger, part 2.

But hugging the Tardis- win.

Tags: doctor who
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