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Been home almost a week...

And I'm still not fully recovered from New Orleans! And neither is Dad's car. :( At least the new engine may be paid for as a good will gesture from the dealer that messed the car up in the first place. God, I hope so...

Last night, I got to see Sally Struthers in Hello, Dolly! at my local theater. Our group was supposed to meet her at a reception before, but she was too tired. I can see why, that show looks like it's hard on the performers! Anyway, it was a lovely production and Sally was wonderful. I was right in front, and could see a sparkle in her eye like she was REALLY enjoying her work. She handed out autographed cards during the show. So that's a nice addition to my scrapbook! I've never thought of her as a Broadway singer/actress, but that's what she's been doing since the end of All in the Family.

My aunt Pauletta is taking Mom on a cruise to the Bahamas for her birthday. Holy crap. I can't imagine Katie ever doing that for me! :p Meanwhile, my dad is headed to Michigan at the same time for a Michigan State Phi Mu Alpha reunion.

There's family camp in July in Kentucky. I haven't been to Louisville since my cousin's wedding three years ago! I've missed it. Unfortunately, I'll be away during Shore Leave in Maryland yet again. Another missed chance to meet ya,  romulantbonz !

Sometime around my birthday (the big 4-0, which I am surprisingly not dreading), I'll be going to a Mets/Nats game at Nationals Park. The battle for last place in the NL East! :p
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