Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Another blast from my past...

This head-on train collision and derailment happened on my fourteenth birthday. The report says "near Westminster, CO", but it was technically in Broomfield. My parents and I were on the highway on our way home from my birthday dinner (Casa Bonita- how's that for a blast from the past?), and we could see the smoke. It was an awful accident- five people died. When we got home and turned on the news, there wasn't much coverage...because an even bigger disaster had just happened. Delta Flight 191 had crashed in Dallas, killing 131 with just 29 survivors. The incident in Broomfield was tiny compared to that...but what a mess! It destroyed a bridge. And that bridge (well, under it) was a major party spot for Broomfield teenagers. :p


There's a Facebook group called "You know you're from Broomfield when..." that I belong to. It's been great reading, and I've caught up with more friends from high school, and even a couple of teachers! I need to search for a "You know you went to Colorado State when..." page.

Other stuff- pre-season NFL. I know it really doesn't count for much, but the Redskins have won two pre-season games. Could this be the year things finally turn around for them?
Tags: colorado, football, nostalgia attack!

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