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All Shook Up...

Yep, I felt the 5.8 Virginia earthquake. It was centered in Mineral, which really isn't that far from Fredericksburg. I was at the doctor's office with my mom. At first, everyone thought it was some kind of explosion, like something had gone horribly wrong at Quantico. The receptionist yelled, "Earthquake! Get on the floor!" So we did. There was some awful shaking and rolling, and it lasted more than half a minute. Felt like it was a lot longer. The building was evacutated for about a half an hour. I did actually get to see the doctor. :p

At home, there wasn't any serious damage. Pictures knocked off center, a couple of broken dishes, stuff fell off shelves...and I have one traumatized kitten. Rory won't come out of his hiding place. He was crying a few minutes ago.

I'm still shaking two hours later. I know 5.9 doesn't sound bad, but for an area that doesn't get earthquakes that size very often, it was pretty damned scary!

Oh, yeah, my appointent went fine. I just needed medicine refills. My blood pressure was good- miraculous, considering we'd just had an earthquake!
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