Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

The Day After!

I was shaken awake after midnight by yet another aftershock. Also, Rory got under my bed and wouldn't leave. He made so much noise that I thought a bigger quake was happening! I got almost no sleep.

Discovered a bruise on my knee from when I dropped to the floor during the first shock. Ouch. I must have been so scared that I wasn't paying attention to where I landed!

I had to go back for blood tests this morning. Downtown Fredericksburg looks pretty messy in places- lots of bricks from crumbled chimneys and walls. Revolutionary War era buildings were not designed to withstand earthquakes! I shudder to think of what a larger quake would have done.

Lots of buildings in D.C. are shut down, including the National Cathedral. The Washington Monument has cracks in it, too.
Tags: d.c., earthquake! in! virginia!, new kitten!
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