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Goodnight, Irene.

Or: Irene, Dunne. (done). :p The storm pretty much passed over with little damage. The power went out three times on Saturday, but came back early Sunday. My sister lost power for over a day. Mom's garden got beaten up pretty badly by Irene. Tomato and bean plants were ripped up, tall flowers bent over, lots of leaves scattered. A few tree branches broke off. Otherwise, we fared way better than with Isabel in 2003!

Poor garden:

Rory had a follow-up vet visit this morning. He's gained a pound and four ounces, and is very healthy. The vet wrote a note on his chart: "He needs to grow into his ears!" *lol* She also said that his reaction to the earthquake was normal- she saw a lot of cats (only a few dogs) that actually had seizures after the quake! Poor kitties! Speaking of the quake, yep, there are still aftershocks. They're getting weaker and weaker- most of them I haven't felt. I though I felt an itty bitty one this morning, though...but then, I can't tell the difference between a small earthquake and artilery exercises at Quantico! :p More Rory photos- he loves to play with his scratching post, his disturbingly realistic toy mouse, and his grandma!

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