Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Who and Torchwood WTFs!

Couple of Torchwood and Who thoughts under the cut, with spoilers, sweetie.

So, I've watched most of Torchwood: Miracle Day, and all I can say is: Ugh, WTF is this? It's mostly been a jumbled mess, with a few good moments here and there.The premise of humans all over the planet being unable to die is intriguing, but it hasn't been executed very well. I really don't like the American characters much (except for the doomed Vera)- Rex is an ass, and Esther is especially annoying. And the story could have been told in five episodes, not ten. Children of Earth, this ain't. The only really interesting thing is Jack being mortal again. The whole "Category 1's get incinerated even though they're still alive" was icky. I have episodes 8 and 9 taped- will it be worth watching them and the finale next week?

Doctor Who's "Let's Kill Hitler" was fun, but there was too much ret-conning. That whole Mels thing was weird. Amy's BFF whom we've never heard of before, and her daughter's namesake? Mels regenerates into River? Newly regenerated River is evil, but turns good so she can save the Doctor's life? She gives up all her remaining regenerations to do it? Come on, that's too much even for Doctor Who! I am very interested in how this will play out.

Mom's headed for the Bahamas. We had to pick up Aunt Pauletta at BWI and then dropped them off at their hotel. Dad got us to the airport an hour and a half early, so we had coffee and spent time in the observation lounge, which had a little air travel museum complete with pieces of an old 737. I forgot how small airplanes are inside- seeing a section of the cabin with its four seats and tiny row made me a bit claustrophobic! It was fun to watch planes take off and land. I'd love to fly again someday.

Rory is growing so fast. I swear he's put on another half pound since his vet visit last week, but he's not getting fat. He's getting long and tall, and a lot of the length is his tail! He is such a great kitten.
Tags: doctor who, family stuff, new kitten!, torchwood
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