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The ending of Miracle Day didn't suck, but I could see that final bit at the end coming from a mile away!

Les spoilers under le cut.

Rex was insufferable before...think how bad he'll be now that he's immortal because of Jack's blood! :p I guess we can look forward to seeing him again on a future Torchwood, but please, not on Who.

Poor, poor Esther. I didn't like her much, but she didn't deserve to die. :(

Poor Gwen's daddy. :(

And Oswald the child molester went out with a bang. Ka-boom. Bye, bye, asshole.

The whole Blessing/Miracle/Families thing really was a mess. I knew only Jack's blood could shut it down, and that he'd die and be resurrected once it was done. Of course they can't kill Captain Jack for good!

Loved seeing Gwen kick Jilly's ass. Too bad Jilly lived. Grrrrr. At least Charlotte the CIA mole got what she deserved. (She blew up John deLancie! She had to die for that! :p)

Overall, I give it 6/10. Many interesting ideas, too much filler. Also loses a whole point for killing off Nana Visitor as well as deLancie! This Trekkie is not amused. They can make up for it by casting Alexander Siddig on the next Torchwood, if there is one.

Finally got around to seeing last week's Doctor Who, Night Terrors. It was kinda fun. I heard bad things about it, but I enjoyed it anyway.