Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

The earthquake, again.

There was more damage in Fredericksburg than I originally thought! My church has $30,000 worth of damage. Three chimneys were ruined and there was damage to some walls. Amazingly, the bell tower was fine. And of course, the damage is not covered by the church's insurance. *eye roll*

During bell practice yesterday, there was a horrible rumbling and shaking in our wing of the building. Everyone thought it was another earthquake, but our director said, "Oh, there's a youth praise team now. They're practicing." Oh, great! More crap music from the crap praise team leader! :(

I'm caught up with Doctor Who. The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex were definitely two of the best Eleven-era episodes! Both were pretty darned heart breaking. :( I liked TGC better than The Doctor's Wife. I wonder how The Doctor is going to handle being alone again (at least until the finale)?
Tags: choir, doctor who, earthquake! in! virginia!
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