Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

It wasn't Hell after all...

The joint concert with the Sanctuary Choir and the Praise Team went well. Our music was very good, even if the PT's music was annoying. :p Hardly any people showed up, though. :( I'm glad it's over. Now we have to start learning Christmas music. It's only seven weeks till the first Sunday of Advent!

CSU lost to San Jose State. Boooooooo! The Redskins beat the Rams. Yay!

And Doctor Who is done until the Christmas Special. :( I liked the finale, The Wedding of River Song, even if it was a bit jumbled and the conclusion was a bit of a cheat...of course, the Doctor was never really going to die, was he? I'll put my thoughts down after I've watched the episode again. Some quick thoughts- Do not feed the Pterodactlys. They are vermin! "I'm a head! I have rights!" Nice tribute to The Brig. :( "Why Lake Silencio? Why...Utah?" Charles Dickens on BBC Television! Emperor Churchill!
Tags: choir, doctor who, football
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